Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bizy Bee Bakery - Best donuts in Cincinnati!

Bizy Bee Bakery is a small bakery located in the quiet Cincinnati neighborhood of Sayler Park. When you're driving out to Sayler Park, it feels like you could be hours from Cincinnati. It's far enough down the river that the skyline is completely out of sight.

My first experience when pulling up to the bakery, nestled at the edge of a park, and surrounded by stately Victorian homes, was how friendly the owner of the bakery was. As we were getting out of our car she walked out and gave us a friendly smile, asking if we were coming inside. While inside she talked to us like we had been friends for years. The bakery was one of the most welcoming establishments I've been to.

We ordered four donuts and a chocolate milk, always needed with donuts in my opinion. Before I get to how great the donuts tasted, it was also a pretty cheap adventure, only a little over $5 for the order.

After we got our donuts and walked back to our car to take a bite is when I experienced the most delicious donut I've ever eaten. The first bite literally melted in my mouth. The fresh icing and fluffy pastry were quick to brighten my day and for me to declare that I found the best donut in Cincinnati. Pay Bizy Bee Bakery a visit next time you're on the west side of town.

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